Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Spring Arts Centre (Havant) / The Wedgewood Rooms

So on the 20th of June on a nice spring Thursday evening I went through the doors of one of my favorite places to play...The Spring Arts Centre in Havant.
Its always been regarded as a hometown gig for me and a place I hold close to my heart. Situated right next to the Hayling Billy Line where I used to play, get into mischief and walk to school, the Spring Arts represents my youth and it always seems to be a dignified night of music with people who appreciate what I do.

Talking of being young....my brother brought this out the vault recently! ......Am I in the Happy Mondays there or what?!

Being my night essentially and having a little more time than usual means I can bring a range of guitars, sounds, and banter to the proceedings and I can relax into the show a little more than usual. This makes for a broader setlist and I enjoy the flexibility. If I could have it my way I'd play art centres all year round! I love the atmosphere, the setting and the vibe they normally have.

New song 'Phobos' seemed to go down really even thought it was stripped of its electronic psychedelics it still seemed to hold weight and sat alongside 'Sea Of Thought' and 'The Garden'. I enjoyed the whole set and people engaged with me afterwards buying the sample CD of the new album and generally giving me feedback. I think the tour with Terry has definitely given me a boost in terms of confidence.

Thanks to Rowan Bastable from Kassassin Street who opened the night, giving us some 'Head Full Of Yoko' tracks and some Id never heard before. After his set he was talking to me about the shift in vibe of what hes used to with it being such an intense feeling being up there musically naked! This feeling is what I enjoy! I cant wait to show you what hes done with 'The Garden' which is finished now by the way....watch this space.

I also played the 'Singer and the Song' competition at the Wedgewood Rooms and run by The News. Being the final of the competition they wanted an example of someone who was out touring to cap the night. I played a few songs whilst the judges made there final decision on all the young competitors three track performances that night. One thing that struck me was the level of ability on show for people so young! Some of the performers that night were 15 and were playing the Wedge with passion and grace. They all seemed to be gig ready but without the experience just yet and it was quite fantastic to watch the next level of home grown talent in front of you. I also enjoyed being a fly on the wall backstage listening to all their banter and nerves around the dressing room. It reminded me of being in my first band Paradime and having so much hope for the future.

Thanks to The News for all their support and also the Wedgewood Rooms...I love that place

Enjoy the heatwave!!!

Keep checking back for gigs, new songs, and more :-)

Stay Safe
Andy xx
Phobos: mastered by Pete Maher (U2, Beady Eye)

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