Monday, 12 August 2013

Good Day Sunshine!!!!


Been a great summer hast it? Beautiful sunshine and gorgeous sunsets giving us more to winge about whilst we look to find other imaginary battles to fight. "Winge" do you know the word Winge? I didn't realise until recently that the word 'Squinny' meaning to winge or moan was pretty much a Portsmouth word. 

Wickham festival was fantastic this year a real pleasure to be involved in as well. The festival itself was well organised, friendly, had a lovely vibe and some fantastic acts. With only having a small foot in the folk camp I was worried how my songwriting would come across. I'm probably less rustic as it were than I used to be around the first EP's period and Wickham is unashamably folk orientated. The tent was relatively empty when I came on but through my set the tent was filling up with people. I must admit after my set I had a weird disconnecting feeling that I hadn't quite connected with the audience as I should. That was soon relieved with a small wave of people coming over and buying album taster EPs and taking flyers. They were fantastic and full of weighty questions on the music and what I'm up to.

The album is taking shape but still unsure of a release time at present. Watch this space though as its beginning to mould into something I'm very proud of, encptulating many of my songwriting styles with a variety of different moods. Just this week a brand new song fell out of my head fully formed in one night so I want to see whether more come to me over the coming months.

I've done a few smaller local gigs recently The Southsea Food Festival, The Southsea Show, and The Groundlings Theatre. They've all been good fun and its nice to get involved with the arts in the area and see what happens at these little events. The music became secondary at the Southsea Show as Archery at was great fun! An impromptu Samba session happened during Race Car Hearts gig in the tea rooms as the Samba precession nearby engulfed his we gave em a little Samba ourselves! 

Above you see me with Luke Ferre's guitar as my string snapped onstage. Being a very small gig he then preceded to sit in front of me and pull funny faces during my set. He's like an irritating kid brother, but also rather good so check him out. 

Next up for me is Victorious Festival at the Dockyard in Portsmouth. People that went last year will remember a fantastic day with smooth organisation and a fantastic vibe. I particularly remember The Lightning Seeds on the last night that took me back to my childhood. Can't wait to see The Milk, Mark Morriss, and History Of Apple Pie. I'm performing around 1pm Saturday on the acoustic stage. 

Here's the brand new poster for Southseafest in September. Im glad to play this for many reasons one being the bond I feel to Albert Road and its crazy people. It's always a pleasure to be involved in something that's right on my doorstep and it often becomes a springboard stop for acts before they become much bigger, Bastille being one of them. This year one of my favourite new bands 'Temples' are on the bill which will I'd imagine be the first and maybe the last time we shall see them in this setting. I predict a rather quick accent for them. I'm playing in the magic bean cafe on Albert Road so do come along. It's going to be the calm in the storm of excitement.

Please check the website/Facebook for gig updates, ill be doing a good few before the end of the year.. 

Stay Safe

This is a live version of my cover of Kassassin Street's Centre Straight Atom

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