Friday, 18 February 2011

Cross her silver with palms.......

Evening mooners!
So im sat in a studio in Clara called Nutshed studios...Its a two floor complex with a yummy control room and lots of gear :-). We spent most of the day travelling after being unfortunate with various connecting travel links. My good friend Chris is my guide on this rather loose trip, and we still have tomorrow undecided as to what studio were going to record in!

Irish stewerdess with yummy accent: check
Spaghetti Bolognese in an Italian resturant: check
Leg room on plane: check
Jack Daniels in a trad Irish Pub: check
Overuse of the "C" word from Chris: check
Election posters everywhere...Who is Mr Dumpleton
Cup of tea? milk!
Nice little Irish towns: check
Not really knowing whats going on? check!
Furch guitar for recording: check
Tomorrow is recording ill have alot on here later

bye mooners

sleeep well
time lords x

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